We at BACKHAND love Disc Golf. We love the sport, the competition, the community, its openness and its inclusiveness. We wanted to help support the growth of the sport across the world but in the UK specifically.

Our founder, a keen ball golfer, found Disc Golf down a YouTube rabbit hole in the middle of 2020 on the good old Jomez Pro channel. After watching all of Jomez’s back catalogue he finally got his friends together for a round in August and he was hooked.

Not knowing what to wear to his first tournament a few months later, he turned up wearing his traditional golf clothing thinking there would be a dress code. This was not the case!

Not able to find decent Disc Golf specific apparel that was suitable for tournaments (and was not just a basic tshirt with a silly slogan on) or even a decent set of accessories. He decided to enlist the help of a good friend, who over a beer (how all good plans are made) plotted out the start of what would become BACKHAND Disc Golf.

Both founders have a love for sport, fashion and design and more importantly experience in creating and launching brands. The match was made in heaven and our journey began…


Our aim is to produce clothing and accessories that help Disc Golfers perform at their best. With comfort and ‘Disc Golf practicality’ at the forefront of our decision making, we aim to help improve scoring for players of the game.

Sports science tells us that factors outside of obvious areas of a sport can help with the mental side of the game. This can be from the equipment used to the clothing worn. So we created the mantra LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, PLAY GOOD and aim to create designs that help inspire confidence and a positive mental attitude in anyone who wears our clothing. Sometimes it’s the small things.

We also aim to help further the sport by improving its image and recognition as a professional sport, as well as by sponsorships of players and tournaments.

We also love the environment and the areas that we get to play in with this wonderful sport. To help support this further we donate a proportion of our profits to a charity who support us by planting trees in our name locally in the UK, but also in rainforests across the globe.